The definitive edition of Kouteizu, a bar chart creation tool with simple and user-friendly features.

Kouteizu Bar Chart Creation Tool

What is Kouteizu?

Kouteizu (Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese versions available)

Kouteizu is a client application suitable for beginners to advanced users that can create precise, highly detailed bar charts in a short amount of time through simple and intuitive click-and-drag mouse commands.

Web I Kouteizu(R) is a user-friendly bar chart editor which enables efficient project management.
Kouteizu simplifies the process necessary for creating and editing bar charts and is especially for users who have limited PC knowledge.

From the creation and planning of the project to tracking the progress and helping with task management, the application has very diversified functions.
Kouteizu can help the user realize and achieve what is required to complete all project management tasks.

The following diagram illustrates the concept of project management, or the so-called, PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, and Act) cycle. The tasks outlined with red dots can be achieved through the functions of Kouteizu.

Kouteizu is professional software created for people who have to prepare bar charts using software programs such as spreadsheets, drawing and CAD, or by handwriting out data, as well as those who have found it difficult to use other bar chart creation tools or project management tools and have since given up on them, so that they can easily produce high-quality bar charts without the fuss This is simple and intuitive professional software that has been developed with a focus on ease of use and readability of bar chart displays and print layouts, and draws on Web I's accumulated know-how as experts in the field of project management.
Moreover, our product comes highly acclaimed for its ability to “store and manage data quickly at a low cost without imposing any burden on actual work” as it helps make data coordination with external systems flexible and as a result, it not only can be used as a standalone bar chart creation tool but actively serves as a frontend for core in-house systems in order to help make data coordination with external systems flexible and efficient.

Kouteizu Features

-Intuitive interface
-Necessary functions included into a compact application
-Simple data connection enabled for use with external systems
-Reasonable price
-Easy to set up
-Operational training and PM training provided
-User support via phone and email

Recommended for the following users:

Users who feel editing bar charts takes a substantial amount of time

Bar charts created on spreadsheets or drawing software require a lot of effort to edit once they have been created and often cannot be edited in a time-efficient way, thus the data tends to become outdated. With Kouteizu, however, bar charts can be made in a short amount of time simply by using a mouse and alterations are easy. This makes frequent edits easy and stress-free.

With Kouteizu, just by dragging your mouse to specify the desired work schedule, the instant creation of new bars is then complete. In cases where you want to change the time frame settings created, it will execute the rearrangements of the time duration automatically while taking into account rest time and required time. Additionally, if you determine the order of the operations using the constraints, it will then schedule continuing operations accordingly at once, without compromising the consistency of the overall project.

Kouteizu in this way reduces the burden on the user as the bar chart can always be updated to the latest status.

Users who want a bar chart editor that can interconnect with existing systems

Kouteizu comes with the function of being able to import and export bar chart data produced via CSV format type files and can flexibly interconnect with external applications. External applications are registered as an add-on tool that can be called on directly from Kouteizu’s menu and seamless interconnection can also be implemented.

Moreover, it becomes systematically and strategically more applicable with data sharing, storage, processing and analysis through the server.

Users who can’t handle workload management because of being unable to confirm the working status of personnel and facilities.

With Kouteizu, management of the process can be assessed using a variety of views such as by department, by sub-contractor, by cost item and by deliverables since a standard task view and four other view types are available. Moreover, in resource management, there is another specialized resource view where resource distribution, and shortages and overages can be confirmed at a glance while at the same time the project’s coordination and optimization is realized.

Users who have trouble creating bar charts just as they have them drawn out in their heads

With Kouteizu, you can quickly make bar charts just as you had pictured them.

With an abundant range of bar symbol colors and shapes via detailed printing options, you can output attractive, comprehensible bar charts. You can easily set settings to include entire bar charts onto a single page as well. When you use the attached Form design tool, you can flexibly create bar charts in the designated format of each work situation as well, completing bar charts in the layout you need.

Users who want to create bar charts without the tiresome preparation or need for basic project management knowledge

With Kouteizu, even for people who are not familiar with specialized knowledge of project management such as Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), you have a reliable application that makes it possible to lightly implement bar chart-oriented project management. Setup can be achieved easily and Koteizu can be used without difficulty right after installation.

Examples of Application

We introduce examples of Web I products/services and the results of their application.

The following are effects that can be expected via introducing and utilizing Koteizu as your planning management system.

-Reducing lead times or maintaining delivery times
-Understanding the operation situation, detection during the initial stages of work tardiness/delivery time lateness
-Understanding additional man-hours or costs
-Understanding of resource burden of personnel/facilities, etc, and inspection of countermeasures
-Improving client trust by responding promptly to inquiries about delivery time and progress reports
-Improvement in employee motivation via elimination of needless tasks and backtracking operations
-Maintaining product quality, etc., via elimination of rush jobs/overburdening

Not just simply ‘time management’ related results — you can expect various improvements in project management systems being effectively applied including non-tangible aspects such as teamwork and motivation.

The following are case examples of our company's, products in implementation:

No. Name of Company Industry Product(s) Applied

Summary of Details and Results of Implementation

Case 1 Taisei Corporation
Construction Kouteizu

For various workplaces, from small-scale renovations to large-scale commercial facilities, they applied Koteizu for the creation and alteration of construction-related processes. It thereby became possible to produce multiple types of bar charts from one set of project data, reducing the time and effort required for planning of operation processes.

Case 2 Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd.
Automobiles Kouteizu, PREGARE

Applied in project management related to the development of new automobiles production facilities. Consolidated management of scheduling, progress, cost performance, workload and costs.

Case 3  Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Construction machinery Kouteizu, PREGARE

Applied in projects for new developments in construction machinery. Realized visualization of daily schedules and workload.

Main Functions

Bar Chart Types of bars: Active bar, planned bar, progress bar
Types of constraints: FS, FF, SF, SS
Hierarchy groupings (by task, by category): Unlimited sub-directories and number*1
Hierarchy(by resource) Limited to 1 directory
Number of bars: Unlimited*1
Number of constraints: Unlimited*1
Number of milestones: Unlimited*1
PERT Calculation Backward pass calculation, forward pass calculation, total float calculation, find the critical pass
Calendar Maximum Number Registered: 9,999
Editing Period: January 1, 1970 to December 31, 2499
Units: 5/10/15/30/60/720/1,440 minutes
Resource Management Maximum Number Registered: Unlimited*1
Workload management: histogram, resource availability
Display Types of views: maximum 6 types (by task, by category (1 to 4), by resource)
Symbol shapes: left and right symbols - 50 shapes, center symbols - 35 shapes, 19 colors*2
Change screen layout, change bar layout
Printing Kouteizu Output Wizard
Interface Import/Export (CSV format)
URL registration (by project, by group, by bar)
Linkage with PREGARE/other applications
Other Initial project settings, progress input, multiple project integration, EMF file output, etc.

*1: Limitations depending on the hardware or OS
*2: Creation of customized symbols also possible (optional)

System Requirements

System requirements for Web I Kouteizu are as follows:
Operating System Windows(R) XP Home Edition/Professional
- Available with the above English OS and Intel(R) version.
- Administrator authorization is required to install Kouteizu.
(Restricted use is available.)
(Only with PC/AT converter)
Pentium II 300 MHz or higher
(Not available with PC-9800 and PC-9821 series.)
Memory requirements Minimum requirement is 128 MB. (More than 256 MB is recommended)
Available hard-disk space Minimum required memory is 30 MB. (Data space requirements are not included.)
Display Resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
High Color - Restriction when using a resolution of 800 x 600
Kouteizu: A part of the dialog box (task bar and calendar editing tool) cannot be displayed.
- Restriction when using only 256 colors.
Kouteizu: Some items such as the cursor cannot be displayed in the proper color.
Publisher: Not available for 256 colors.
Available disk-drive CD-ROM drive compatible with the above English OS.
Available mouse Mouse compatible with the above English OS.
Printer Printer compatible with the above English OS.