Web I Products and Services

Web I provides software products and services that support the planning, execution and monitoring of corporate projects.

We offer optimum solutions that match the scale of operation and unique circumstances of each business or individual client with products such as our easy-to-use planning editor software with its superior interface and web-based project data sharing application.

Products and Services Lineup

Software Products

Web I develops software products designed to provide planning management support for our clients’ businesses. We aim to create software that is intuitive and user-friendly, that answers to the intricate demands of our clients.

Kouteizu (Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese versions)

Kouteizu is a client application suitable for beginners to advanced users that can create precise and detailed bar charts through simple click-and-drag mouse commands. In this way, users can easily design various styles of bar chart-type reports using attached form layout software.

Moreover, through using the print merge tool Publisher, various reports can be created from the bar charts to suit the user's intended purpose.

Main Features of Kouteizu:

Bar chart editor, PERT calculation, calendar, resource management, multiple views (including resource view), milestones, input progress multiple project integration, Kouteizu output wizard, URL registration, import and export, external tool linkage, customized symbols (optional)

PREGARE (currently Japanese version only)

PREGARE is a Web-based enterprise project management system that handles integrated project management at the enterprise level through collaboration with Kouteizu.

It is used in the management of schedules, costs and other factors in various projects across a wide range of functional departments from R&D and design sections to manufacturing/production and maintenance.

Major Features of PREGARE:

Project management
Schedule control, program management, scope management, resource management, multi-project management, activity report output, project status monitoring and alert system, man-hour control

Management accounting
Budget management, cost management, expense management, earned value management, profitability management (percentage of completion basis), expenditures management, operating instructions/report output, user/user permissions management

Consultations, System Development, Project Management Training &

Product Training

We at Web I consider not only the development and distribution of Web I software products as important to our mission in the area of enterprise project management, but the provision of services for improving the level of management effectiveness with client business and problem-solving as well.

By integrating the professional working knowledge of our clients with our project management know-how, we provide a range of services that includes efficient problem-solving consultations, customized project management system development based on individual client demands, project management training aiming to not only improve knowledge of project management but raise awareness, and product training courses to ensure our products are being utilized effectively.


Our consultants specialize in the area of project management and implement the following strategies in order to address project and planning management problems through consultations and workshops:

-Problem-solving and potential problem identification of project management and planning management issues
-Analysis and evaluation of the significance, scope of influence, etc., of each problem
-Examination of the method used in solving each problem, examination of improvements made and prioritization of the problems
-Reexamination of organizational structure and operating procedures to solve the problems
-Exploration of system requirements for problem-solving and documentation
-Examination of system operation methods and system operation structures

System Development

On determining and implementing the necessary arrangements for an individual client’s request and confirming or adjusting the specifications accordingly, individual project management systems can then undergo further development.

Examples of system development

-Planning management system development; program developments for the interface of our products for compatibility with pre-existing systems of clients
-Development of secondary peripheral applications for more effective utilization of our products
-Customization of our product (PREGARE), or development of applications with our products as core
-Development of specialized applications based on the specifications of the client

Project Management Training

These are courses that offer systematic training in project management from the basics to application, created for top-ranking project managers and leaders of the next generation.

Product Training

This is a training course where users acquire the skills to effectively utilize Web I software products. You are also welcome to participate in this course for product evaluation purposes.